We are pleased to announce the official release of Core Impact Pro 2015 R1.1 today, October 7. More than 35 updates have been added thus far, and are available through the regular update channel for all Core Impact customers who have upgraded to the latest version. This is the first dot-release for 2015 R1. It includes:

  • 10 remote exploits including some for Apache ActiveMQ, IBM Tivoli and Symantec Endpoint Protection
  • 7 client-side including some for Adobe Reader and Microsoft Office
  • 7 local exploits including one for Windows default installs
  • 3 denial of service
  • Several general updates, including improvements to the evasion mechanism for several antiviruses, enhancements for numerous exploits, and performance improvements to the pause and resume functionality

Published Modules:

Remote Exploits

Apache ActiveMQ Path Traversal Exploit AVG Remote Administration StoreServerConfig Command Remote Code Execution Exploit Update HP Storage Data Protector MSG_PROTOCOL Buffer Overflow Exploit Update IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack Server GetJobByUserFriendlyString Exploit Microsoft Windows Group Policy Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Exploit (MS15-011) Update Nginx chunked Buffer Overflow Exploit metadata update SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager userlogin Exploit SquirrelMail map_yp_alias Command Injection Exploit Update Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Authentication Bypass Exploit Usermin Email Signature Command Injection Exploit

Client Side Exploits

Adobe Acrobat Pro AFParseDate Javascript API Restrictions Bypass Exploit Adobe Acrobat Pro Multiple Vulnerabilities Exploit Adobe Flash Player AS3 Function.apply Integer Overflow Exploit Microsoft Office Malformed EPS File Vulnerability Exploit (MS15-099) Microsoft Office Malformed EPS File Vulnerability Exploit Update (MS15-099) Microsoft Windows OLE Package Manager Code Execution Exploit (MS14-064) SolarWinds Application Monitor TSUnicodeGraphEditorControl factory Buffer Overflow Exploit Update

Local Exploits

Adobe Reader X AdobeCollabSync Buffer Overflow Sandbox Bypass Exploit Update FortiClient Weak IOCTL mdare Driver Local Privilege Escalation Exploit Linux apport Race Condition Privilege Escalation Exploit Update Microsoft Windows OpenType Font Driver Vulnerability Exploit (MS15-078) Update Microsoft Windows Win32k ClientCopyImage Privilege Escalation Exploit(MS15-051)

Denial of Service

ISC BIND TKEY assert DoS Microsoft Windows SMB Memory Corruption Vulnerability DoS (MS15-083) Microsoft Windows Win32k Cursor Object Double Free Vulnerability DoS (MS15-010) Update

Mobile and WebApps exploits

Android Towelroot futex_requeue Privilege Escalation Exploit Magento eCommerce Web Sites Remote Code Execution Exploit WordPress Landing Pages Plugin Remote Command Execution


Import Output from IBM Rational AppScan Update Tripwire Importer Update


Multiple Exploits AV evasion Improvements AV Evasion Improvements in 64bits agents AV Shell Improvements Attack Camera using Weak Credentials Update Quick Info Enhancement Update Improvements to Install Agent using Teensy board Pause and Resume Update Supported services list update Setup Metasploit Integration Update CVE Database Update