Benefits of Core Impact

It's true - we've had a lot of updates and releases for Core Impact over the past month. From the New Named User Pricing to the continued improvements being shipped to Core Impact and just this past week the new release of Core Impact 2017 R2 - there's been a lot happening. But trust that the product is still the most comprehensive solution for assessing and testing security vulnerabilities within your organization. Today we're going through some of the benefits you can find when using this tool.

Why You Need Core Impact

Core Security is in the business of protecting sensitive data by ensuring your systems are operating out of a healthy security posture. Here are some reasons why when choosing Core Impact you are equipping your organization with the most powerful tool to protect your environment.

1. Impact has the Largest Amount of Commercial Grade Exploits

With Core Impact you will find the largest amount of commercial grade exploits in the world with the ability to integrate with Metasploit, SCADA and the 40-45 exploits written in-house monthly.

2. Pivoting Across Multiple Systems and Vectors

The Core Impact solution is able to pivot automatically across systems, devices, and applications revealing how chains of exploitable vulnerabilities open paths to your organization's mission critical systems and data.

3. Privilege Escalation

Core Impact has the capability of performing attacks that are the same type of approach a bad actor would use. This allows you to mimic attacks like those of bad actors but in a controlled environment--leaving you able to work torwards securing your network before an actual attack were to occur.

4. Flexible Pricing to Build or Scale Your Red Team

The new named user pricing model enables users to leverage an unlimited number of IPs to test and helps organizations fit Core Impact within their budgets. Now, organziations can expand the number of penetration and red team users who have access to Core Impact tp more effectively conduct penetration tests wihtout restricting the number of IPs.

5. More Testing in Less Time

While we may be able to increase the size and scale of our red teams, we all struggle to create more time in the day to get through all the vulnerabilities facing our network. With Core Impact you can expect to full test your environment at the lengths you need--quicker and more efficiently.

See Core Impact in Action

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