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Threat-aware identity, access, and threat management solutions

Cybersecurity suffers from too many silos. Even though spending on solutions continues to increase, the incidence of breaches and the impact to organizations is increasing to record levels. At best, traditional methods are only creating an illusion of protectionand companies are unable to keep up with the sophistication and speed of hackers as a result.

Core Security, a HelpSystems Company, addresses the missing linkprotecting the misuse of credentialsby providing intelligent intersections between security and identity. Finally, there’s a company that integrates previously disparate disciplines like pen testingidentity governance and administration, and identity access management with endpoint and network security. The result? An exponentially faster and more holistic assessment of risk, which powers more effective and efficient breach prevention, detection, and response.

Enabling identity information and security telemetry to seamlessly enrich one another reduces the overall threat surface and increases protection. This is a fundamentally different and better approach than old methods. It’s at the center of a bourgeoning category called identity security automation, the next evolution in cybersecurity.

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