Social Engineering and Anti Phishing Email Testing

Test defense mechanisms, detection, and reaction capabilities through targeted phishing campaigns.


Organizations receive thousands, if not millions, of emails daily. More than a few of those emails are phishing scams. While many may be filtered out, and others are painfully obvious, plenty are realistic enough that a careless employee will open it and fall into a threat actor’s trap. A single click can have devastating effects, costing time, money, and the confidence of customers. Manage risk and prevent such attacks from being successful by deploying a social engineering test.

What is Social Engineering Testing?


In cybersecurity, social engineering is a breach tactic, which involves using deception in order to gain access or information that will be used for malicious purposes. The most common example of this is seen in phishing scams. Phishing is typically used for one of two purposes. 

Attackers could be trying to sneak malicious code past the perimeter. A target would receive an email, usually made to look like it comes from somewhere or someone familiar, like a commonly visited website or a colleague. Upon clicking a link or attempting to open an attachment in an email, malware would be released into the entire organization. This malware could be used for any number of reasons, like creating a backdoor that the threat actor can then use to access the network. 

Alternately, a user may receive an email that appears as though it is from somewhere trustworthy that requires a login, like a bank. The email would prompt a user to call a phony telephone number, or would lead to an authentic looking website, and would prompt a user to share their credentials, which can then be used for further attacks. 

Social engineering testing imitates such phishing campaigns in order to safely determine whether your employees are vulnerable to phishing, and what types of phish are most likely to fool them. Pen testers should create a diverse campaign, deploying emails that are of varying degrees of difficulty. Some could be similar to those actually being used by threat actors in the wild, others may be carefully researched and crafted to target an organization or person specifically. Users that click or enter credentials are not served with malware, but are instead tracked, and potentially flagged for additional training. By frequently having pen testers deploy phishing email tests, employees will become more discerning, taking their time to scrutinize an email before trusting its authenticity.  

Amp Up Anti Phishing Efforts with Core Security


Core Security’s pen testing services can conduct phishing campaigns, targeting your users and workstations. With phishing test tools and emails tailored to your organization, they will put your defense mechanisms, detection and reaction capabilities through their paces, finding susceptible employees and security measures that need improvement. Upon completion, you’ll receive a comprehensive report with valuable data about potential security weaknesses, which can serve as educational opportunities to teach employees about ways to recognize and avoid getting phished. Your report will also include: 

  • Quantitative and qualitative results 
  • Enumeration of the attacks 
  • Proof of compromise

In order to get a better idea of what your external network testing needs are, we ask that you fill out the questionnaire, so we can tailor our services to meet your objectives. 

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