Web Application Penetration Testing and Cloud Penetration Testing

Identify vulnerabilities and reduce threats to your web applications and cloud environment

Web Application Penetration Testing


Ensuring your web applications are secure is an essential part in maintaining your security posture. Many threat actors today attempt to compromise more than just your network or target individual users. They often seek to infiltrate your web applications and underlying software. By incorporating web application penetration testing into your security strategy, you can evaluate, assess, and monitor web applications that transmit sensitive data. 

Core Security offers innovative web application penetration testing specifically designed to identify vulnerabilities for your applications. This process complements penetration testing for your network and individual users, but instead emphasizes web application vulnerabilities over network infrastructure. Our web application penetration tests examine the overall security and potential risks of web applications, including coding errors, broken authentication or authorization, and injection vulnerabilities.

Cloud Penetration Testing


With the rise of cloud computing, organizations have expanded their capabilities and reliance upon cloud platforms. Forrester reports that nearly 60 percent of North American companies now depend on the cloud, an increase of 10 percent from just last year. Even though cloud offers an effective, scalable way to provide access to company data, many organizations have developed blind spots when it comes to cloud security. The incidence of misconfiguration and simple human error, combined with increasing threats from hackers looking for vulnerabilities, means IT security teams must regularly asses and conduct cloud security testing to proactively identify and mitigate risks in a cloud environment. 

Core Security offers leading-edge cloud penetration testing that enables security teams to work with cloud providers and third-party vendors to design and carry out cloud security testing for cloud-based systems and applications. Our cloud pen testing validates the security of your cloud deployment, identifies overall risk and likelihood for each vulnerability, and recommends how to improve your cloud environment.

Features of Web Application and Cloud Penetration Testing


The Core Security offering for web application penetration testing and cloud pen testing focuses on application security, cloud infrastructure, and overall integration in your cloud environment. Our security testing services provide your organization:

  • An easy-to-follow attack path
  • Proof of concept for each identified vulnerability
  • A threat model approach
  • Specified risk and likelihood-based ratings for each vulnerability
  • Clear mitigations and recommendations for improvement 

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