When to Use Pen Testing, Red Teaming, or Both

Penetration testing and Red Teaming are two security assessment tools that have quickly gained traction in recent years, with professionals at all levels eager to jump onto the trend. However, to get real value out of these tools, you must first ensure your security program is mature enough to properly conduct one or both. But how do you figure out whether you’re ready for a pen test, a Red Team engagement, or a combination?

In this webinar, our cybersecurity experts share key distinctions between these two solutions and provide practical advice on how to determine the best fit for advancing your cyber risk program. They will also provide real-world examples of how both solutions are used in organizations of all different sizes and industries. Additionally, these specialists will offer guidance on steps to take to prepare for a pen test or Red Team engagement, as well as best practices for combining these techniques.

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Combine Pen Testing and Red Teaming Solutions

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