What It Takes for Small and Mid-Sized Organizations to Steer Clear of Critical Access Risks

For small and mid-sized organizations, mitigating identity-related access risks may seem like a never-ending struggle they face on their own. They are tasked with supporting countless systems, networks, and applications with access to key data. They have limited staff, frequently rely on manual user provisioning and deprovisioning, and depend on decentralized processes for managing accounts—limiting their visibility into access levels and magnifying access risks across the business.

And while they often face the same security and compliance demands as global organizations, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) typically lack the resources of these large enterprises—making identity governance solutions out of reach. Until now.

View this webinar to learn how SMBs can leverage identity governance specifically tailored for their unique needs and discover:

  • How to defend against cybersecurity risks that stem from nefarious access
  • How to do more with less by leveraging intelligent identity governance and administration (IGA) solutions designed for SMBs
  • How to build seamless programs and strategies that mitigate identity-related access risks even with limited resources
  • How near one-step IGA deployment can ensure small and mid-sized companies get up and running fast
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Discover the most intelligent and efficient path to mitigating identity risk in your SMB.

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See how you can mitigate identity-related access risks even with limited resources. Get a live demonstration of our identity governance solutions specifically designed for SMBs.

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