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PAM Without Passwords: Fast Tracking 2020 Compliance Regimes Without Add-Ons

Since 2000, most Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions have led with “password first” approaches, primarily with the implementation of centralized Password Vaults.  These days, new compliance requirements are driving us  towards a password free future that will rely more heavily on solutions like Multi-factor Authentication (MFA).

This webinar explores the changes in the way systems are deployed, providing a current view of Privileged Access Management in a world without passwords, and will demonstrate how this makes your DevOps life easier. Topics include:

  • NYDFS compliance, SWIFT 1/1/2020 regulatory changes that have made MFA mandatory for system access, and updates to US Government G-Cloud infrastructures
  • Centralized control of SSH host and user keys, rather than open access to ssh-keygen which require significant discovery, remediation, and audit reporting
  • Operational efficiencies of Centralized PAM security policy integration and MFA, rather than Add-On MFA solutions slowing your staff down in day to day tasks
  • Vendor, regulators, and government forecasted death of passwords as an authentication mechanism 
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