Balancing Security Priorities with User Efficiency

Organizations face a unique balancing act when it comes to user access. On the one hand, they require access to organizational systems and data to successfully do their jobs. On the other, these privileges can cause serious damage if misusedaccidentally or intentionally. The question becomes, "do we maintain security at the cost of productivity, or do we increase productivity at the cost of security?"

Watch this on-demand presentation to learn common access governance challenges that organizations face, including:

  • Increased risk of insider threats
  • Scalability issues with growing systems, devices, and people
  • Time intensive manual provisioning processes
  • Lack of visibility for accounts
  • Entitlement and privilege review backlog

Plus get expert advice on how to find the right balance by leveraging an effective identity and access management program. Learn how you can provide employees with the entitlements they need, while still providing a secure environment that meets regulatory requirements and industry standards. 

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