Fortra Acquires Core Security Solutions from SecureAuth

Fortra Acquires Core Security Solutions from SecureAuth to Expand Cybersecurity Portfolio

MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 6, 2019–Fortra announced today it has acquired the Core Security assets from SecureAuth. The assets acquired from SecureAuth are industry-leading solutions for identity governance and administrationpenetration testing, threat detection, and vulnerability management. The acquisition of these solutions gives Fortra's customers an expanded set of cybersecurity options that defend against internal and external threats and intrusion, enable compliance with industry mandates such as PCI DSS, and help them stay on top of the shifting cybersecurity environment. More than 900 organizations already rely on these applications to build and maintain a proactive and scalable cybersecurity fortress.

The threat landscape is continually transforming, with new cyberattacks, malware, and viruses constantly impacting data and systems. In addition, many organizations fail to implement proper controls over internal user privileges, which can lead to opportunistic employees accessing and exploiting unauthorized information. No data is truly safe without a diligent approach to protecting it wherever it resides—on premise, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. Fortra's customers now have the opportunity to continuously guard data stored in their diverse technology environments around the clock while consolidating their cybersecurity approach with a single vendor.

“We’ve learned that many companies simply lack the resources and solutions needed to safeguard their corporate assets properly at all times,” said Chris Heim, CEO, Fortra. “We’re now in a better position to fully support their initiatives across any platform with a multi-pronged approach to cybersecurity that gives busy IT/security professionals peace of mind.”

“We are pleased to welcome the members of the Core Security team who have shepherded these products through development, sales, and support over the years,” said Dan Mayleben, CFO, Fortra. “Their expertise will bolster the existing Fortra cybersecurity team as they continue to enhance these proven solutions and enable global customers to solve their cybersecurity challenges.”

“Fortra has a strong portfolio and an excellent culture. We believe they have a tremendous opportunity to continue to develop security operations while also executing on customer commitments. Together, we will ensure a quick and smooth transition for customers, partners and employees,” said Ahmed Rubaie, Executive Chairman and CEO of SecureAuth. “With this transaction, SecureAuth is now solely focused on innovating our identity and access management platform as we head to the cloud with select embedded governance features.”


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SecureAuth is leveraged by leading companies, their employees, customers and partners to eliminate identity-related breaches. As a leader in identity and access management, SecureAuth is powering an identity security revolution by enabling people and devices to intelligently and adaptively access systems and data, while effectively keeping bad actors from doing harm. SecureAuth makes it easier for organizations to establish trust and prevent the misuse of credentials, and exponentially reduce the threat surface. To learn more, visit, or connect with us at [email protected]Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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