Upcoming Webinars & Events

How to Take Your Vulnerability Management Program to the Next Level

Thursday, August 20 | 10:00 a.m. CT

Managing security vulnerabilities is no easy task: identifying, classifying, remediating, and mitigating weaknesses in the IT infrastructure is a continuous process that has only grown more challenging with an increasing number of attacks. Most organizations have the fundamentals in place: running regular vulnerability scans, establishing basic prioritization methods, having a patching process, and maybe even having some metrics. But after building a foundation, what’s the best way to ensure your vulnerability management program continues to mature?

In this live webinar, cybersecurity experts Bob Erdman and James Adams of Core Security and Randall Laudermilk of Carson & Saint will discuss how pen testing can help you take the next step. Valuable new insights can be gained through penetration tests that augment vulnerability scanners for enhanced prioritization or validating remediation efforts. Learn how even running a few key tests can improve your security posture, and the best way to incorporate pen testing to your existing vulnerability management program.


Modern Day Cyber Threats and How SIEM Solutions Can Reduce Your Risk

Tuesday, September 15 | 10:00 a.m. CT

Security Information and Event Management solutions have been on the market for well over a decade, and are now commonly known as powerful tools that can provide swift analysis and prioritization that allow security teams to focus and react quickly to the most aggressive threats. But what role does SIEM play in today’s threat landscape? How are features like multi-tenancy, threat intelligence, or tailored integrations helping keep up against increasingly sophisticated risks?

Watch cybersecurity experts as they examine the results of the 2020 survey focused on SIEM solutions and discuss:

  • Highest security threats
  • Effectiveness of SIEM solutions to combat these security challenges
  • Diverse capabilities that SIEMs offer to reduce risk
  • How SIEM is continuing to evolve to stay up to date with the cyber threats of today.


The COVID-19 Impact: 6 Critical Access Risks to Watch Out For with a Remote Workforce

Thursday, September 24 | 10:00 a.m. CT

The impact of COVID-19 has been far-reaching across nearly every sector. Millions of knowledge workers now work remotely, making companies particularly vulnerable when it comes to external access risks. Many organizations lack a centralized process to manage user access to accounts and resources. They often have limited visibility into access levels users possess to data and systems within their network. And they may be quickly adding or changing access levels to meet the needs of their remote workforce.

Increased pressures of an expanded workforce during the era of COVID-19 means intensified risks from excessive entitlements and inappropriate access levels, opening the business up to serious breaches and new inroads to potential attackers. Join our upcoming webinar featuring Mike Lynch, Senior Sales Engineer at Core Security, a HelpSystems Company, to learn how you can uncover who and what is most vulnerable in the current environment.

During this insightful webinar, you will learn:

  • The top six identity-related access challenges that have been magnified during COVID-19
  • How to mitigate these pressing access risks across a remote workforce and in your business
  • How actionable intelligence can address immediate threats that exist in your organization