Linux Security Tips and Tricks eCourse

How Vulnerable are Your Linux Systems?

Linux is beloved by its many users for its efficiency, reliability, and customizability, and is commonly used in many organizations, often at the core of their operations. Unfortunately, threat actors have also turned their gazes towards Linux servers, with the valuable data they store and networks they support too tempting to pass over. Attacks against Linux servers are higher than ever, and many organizations may unknowingly be putting themselves at risk. After so many years of Linux being ignored by attackers, the simplest steps to decrease vulnerability and reduce risk may not have ever been implemented in your Linux infrastructure.

Join Bob Erdman, noted cybersecurity expert and senior product manager at Core Security for the Linux Security Tips and Tricks eCourse to learn how to make sure your Linux systems have a solid foundation of security, with easy to follow instructions and lessons on:

  • Verifying defaults and origins
  • Removing unnecessary software
  • Avoiding unexpected downtime
  • Enforcing authentication and encryption
  • Auditing and ownership
  • Root best practices


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