Quickly Identify Excess Privileges Across Your Remote Workforce


With increased pressures of an expanded remote workforce during COVID-19, organizations are vulnerable when it comes to identity-related access risks from excessive entitlements and inappropriate access levels. When employees have more access than they need, it opens the organization up to serious breaches and gives new inroads to potential attackers.


Mitigating Risks Across a Remote Workforce Requires Knowing Who and What is Most Vulnerable

With remote employees accessing company assets and data on multiple devices, you have to know specifically who has access to what and ensure you give the right access to the right resources. And that takes both intelligence and action—revealing any inappropriate access that exists in your business and adopting a role-based approach to enforce least privilege access.

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Quickly Identify and Evaluate Access Risks Across Your Business-Critical Systems


It's more important than ever to understand where your greatest security risks exist. With your work from home population growing virtually overnight, you need to quickly identify who has more access than they need. Using our Access Risk Quick Scan, you can:

  • Diagnose access risks instantly, and gain actionable information and insights
  • Uncover excessive or inappropriate access risks prior to internal audits
  • Establish a baseline for remediation specific to your company’s most critical access risks



How Access Quick Scan Works 


Automatic Scanning

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The Core Access Insight discovery tool will automatically scan your Active Directory structure. No software required.






Get a Better, Faster Way for Creating Roles in Your Business


Strategic Role Based Access

Leveraging a strategic, role-based access policy improves and enhances the way organizations approach identity governance. Think of a role as a collection of access privileges typically defined around a job title or job function. Using roles, organizations have solid, predefined, and pre-approved access policies in place, and know specifically which access privileges each person needs.






Why a Role-Based Approach Minimizes Risk for Your Remote Workforce



Intelligent Process
Customized Roles
Increased Efficiencies




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