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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software gives organizations insights into potential security threats across critical networks through data normalization and threat prioritization. By relaying actionable intelligence, a SIEM helps protect organizations from devastating data breaches. 

Event Manager provides both nuanced and holistic views of your entire environment. It identifies, records, and alerts on potential threats and incidents. With out-of-the-box-templates for easy implementation for standard datasources, it can integrate in-house applications, third-party software or connected devices, providing a full audit trail and real-time monitoring for all applications that provide access to critical systems.

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With every Event Manager pricing plan you get:

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  • Personalized dashboards
  • Normalized data sources
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  • Built-in and tailored integrations
  • Streamlined incident response
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  • Event context and enrichment
  • Complete audit trails and scheduled reporting




Free Version




Ideal for... Perfect for a small IT infrastructure or organizations new to security monitoring. Ideal for businesses of all sizes working on building a robust security profile. Great for large, growing enterprises looking for a long-term solution. Great for large, growing enterprises looking for a long-term solution.
Device coverage Security event monitoring and prioritization for 20 points worth of devices. Security event monitoring and prioritization for the number of points you need. Security event monitoring and prioritization for the number of points you need. Unlimited
SQL express server package      
Predictable pricing No cost
Unlimited data
New product upgrades  
Phone, email, and online support  

Monitor Every Datasource

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Monitor Every Datasource

Connect standard datasources as quickly as possible with out-of-the-box, pre-configured templates that can begin auditing as soon as they are connected. Have an in an asset that’s vital to your organization but doesn’t have a built-in template? Event Manager can still provide normalized event data for non-traditional assets.

How Does Event Manager Work?

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Watch a short demo to see Event Manager's how it can protect your business and your customers from devastating data breaches with proactive threat management and streamlined incident response.


Frequently Asked Questions


I just requested a quote. What happens next?

One of our sales representatives will be in touch to discuss your requirements. After they learn what you're looking for, you'll receive an email with a link providing you with a price estimate for Event Manager. 


How do I get started with the free SIEM download?

Once you fill out the form requesting the free version of Event Manager, you’ll receive access to download the tool. You’ll also receive full access to all the Event Manager support manuals to help you quickly connect and start monitoring data streams. Get started >


How will I know how many assets I can monitor with the free version?

Use our calculator to see if the free version will meet all of your needs.


What built-in templates do you provide?

For a full list, check out our application integrations page.

What types of assets can I monitor?

Event Manager monitors operating systems like operating systems such as Windows and Linux, routers and switches, firewalls, databases, web servers, and other standard datasources. Event Manager can also monitor non-traditional applications, homegrown databases, or any other unique asset that’s vital to your organization.  


Can you explain the difference between different types of licensing models?

The subscription model provides you with access to Event Manager, support, and upgrades for a year. If you decide not to renew your subscription, you will lose access to Even Manager after the year is complete. 

The perpetual model also provides you with ongoing access to Event Manager, as well as a year of maintenance that includes support and upgrades. If you decide not to renew your maintenance contract, you will no longer have access to support and upgrades, but you will be able to continue using Event Manager in perpetuity. 

Both plans have different tiers dependent on your needs. Using the same points numbers as the capacity calculator, this model allows you to tailor your coverage to your exact environment specifications.

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