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Event Manager is a robust Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution that gets security teams the information they need when they need it with threat prioritization and actionable intelligence. With device-based pricing, you get a predictable number that can be relied upon when building a budget. Complete the form to get details—along with an overview of features and benefits, and the opportunity to chat with our team of experts.

Why Choose Event Manager?

Avoid the fallout of devastating breaches by ensuring your security teams can act quickly. Stay ahead of threats with with Event Manager, which allows you to:

  • Detect Threats in Real Time: Event Manager minimizes risk by logging, correlating, and prioritizing events in real time so you can respond efficiently and intelligently.
  • Manage Every Asset: Integrate standard and unique datasources of any kind for a truly centralized environment.
  • Streamline Response with Normalized Data: Logs and alerts from disparate data sources are translated into a common format so that the next step is a swift response, and not wasted time trying to discern what data means.