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Core Impact enables your security team to safely exploit security weaknesses before a threat actor has the chance and helps IT teams prioritize related remediation efforts.

Core impact enables security professionals to:

  • Test broadly: Core Impact can execute on a wide array of penetration testing including web applications, mobile, phishing campaigns, and more.

  • Test smarter: Improve efficiency, productivity, and accuracy with easy to use interface.

  • Test often: Replicate attacks and re-test as needed to ensure your security strategies are up-to-date and working.

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Whether you have a single pen testing project or a team of routine testers, Core Impact offers a variety of pricing and licensing options to meet your needs. Our licensing model allows users to seamlessly activate licenses on multiple machines, enabling you and your team to swiftly adapt to changes in security team composition.

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Why Choose Core Impact?


Core impact is simple enough for your first test, but powerful enough for the rest. Whether you are looking to automate routine testing or simply validate remediation effectiveness, Core Impact can help you meet your penetration testing goals.


Left Column

 Use intuitive automation wizards to swiftly discover, test, and report.

Middle Column

Explore a stable library of professionally written and validated exploits.

Right Column

Centralize your pen testing toolkitfrom information gathering to reporting.