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Penetration testing is a strategy used by organizations to proactively assess the security of their IT environments. It consists of using the same techniques as attackers to discover if there are security vulnerabilities and exploit them in a safe and controlled way. Thus, it helps security professionals determine the risk level to help prioritize remediation of those vulnerabilities.

A pen test can find weaknesses in operating systems, services and application flaws, improper configurations, or risky end-user behavior.

Simple enough for your first test, powerful enough for the rest.

Core Impact is an automated pen testing tool that is intuitive and easy to use. It can help guide junior testers in carrying out pen tests step-by-step and also helps automate routine tasks for experienced testers to streamline pen testing engagements.


The Benefits of Pen Testing With Core Impact

Identify Security Risks in Networks, Applications, Endpoints, and Users

With Core Impact, assess your ability to protect your networks, applications, endpoints, and users from internal and external attempts to maliciously bypass security barriers and gain unauthorized access to your protected assets.

Intelligently Prioritize and Manage Vulnerabilities

Get detailed information about real and exploitable threats in order to better prioritize remediation, including identification of those which are the most critical, which are less critical, and which are false positives.

Protect Your Organization With a Proactive Security Approach

Even with the right security tools, it's difficult to find and remove every vulnerability in your IT environment. Core Impact enables you to take a proactive approach and uncover the most important vulnerabilities to understand where you need remediation or additional layers of security, before they become a bigger problem.

Check the Effectiveness of Your Security Program

In addition to detecting vulnerabilities, you can use pen testing to learn which policies in your security program are most effective and which tools offer the greatest return on investment.

Improve Confidence in Your Security Strategy

Using the same techniques attackers use, Core Impact tests defensive controls and provides insight into how a threat actor may breach your environment and escalate privileges.

Comply With Regulations and Standards

Several compliance and security regulations (such as PCI-DSS, among others) require the performance of pen tests. Core Impact provides detailed reports of the tests carried out, which serve as a proof of adherence to auditors.

Key Features of Core Impact

Automated Pen Testing

Rapid Penetration Tests (RPTs) features are easy-to-use automations designed to perform routine, repetitive tasks. Thus, processes are simplified and the efficiency of your security team is maximized, so that your experts can dedicate their time to more complex problems.

Certified Exploits

Core Impact uses a stable and continually updated library of commercial exploits to test against real threats. New exploits are updated in real time, as soon as they are available.

Multi-vector Testing

Core Impact has the ability to perform multi-vector pen testing to replicate attacks across network infrastructure, endpoints, web, and applications. This help security professionals uncover a wide variety of vulnerabilities and helps security teams remediate risks quickly.


Core Impact integrates with other security testing tools, such as Cobalt Strike, Metasploit, PowerShell Empire, and Plextrac, to centralize your testing environment and extend your security program.


Core Impact allows multiple pen testers to interact in the same session, allowing them to securely share data and delegate testing tasks. Shared workspaces give you a joint view of network targets that have been discovered and compromised, making your team work more efficiently.

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Infrastructure Protection Solutions from Fortra

Core Impact is part of the Fortra Infrastructure Protection suite of solutions, which helps organizations identify and prioritize the security risks that pose the greatest threat to their IT environments. Our solutions offer useful information to assess what security gaps need to be prioritized. In addition to penetration testing products, Fortra provides solutions for vulnerability assessment and management, application security and adversary simulation.

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Fortra has been recognized as a winner of the Cybersecurity Excellence Award in several categories, including Breach and Attack Simulation, Vulnerability Management, and Data Security. Learn more about our complete suite of cybersecurity solutions. 


Core Impact Use Cases

Vulnerability Validation
Infrastructure Upgrade Validation
Increased Workforce Awareness
SCADA and IoT Testing

Test the security of your environment with the same techniques attackers use.

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