Damballa Redirect

Damballa is Now Part of Core Security

Core Security's acquisition of Damballa provides a complete and comprehensive Actionable Insight Platform to deter, detect, remediate security risk, and offer continuous validation of security controls. Here is what this critical acquisition means for your organization.

Get Complete Visibility into Network Threat-Related Activities

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Now with Core Network Insight—formerly Damballa—organizations can automatically and accurately identify hidden infections in real time on live traffic. Network Insight offers advanced threat detection, built on nearly a decade of scientific research and big data visibility.

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Leverage Leading-Edge Security Risk Management Solutions 
 Core Security provides organizations with critical, actionable insight and context about who, how, and what is vulnerable in their IT environment. Streamline security and safeguard critical data and assets with access management and vulnerability identification. Discover how Core Security supports and protects organizations across every sector with intelligent cybersecurity solutions. 

Partner with the Leader in the Industry

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Core Security enables organizations to improve security, boost efficiencies, and ensure ongoing regulatory compliance. Founded in 1996, the Core Security solution portfolio delivers a best-of-breed suite of solutions for user provisioning, role lifecycle management, compliance and governance, password management, and risk insight. With more than 20 years of experience and over 600 enterprise deployments, Core Security has the expertise to deliver results for some of the largest and most complex organizations worldwide.

After years of organic growth and industry consolidation, the company was unified in 2016 under the Core Security brand. In 2019, Core Security became part of the HelpSystems family. HelpSystems aligns IT and business goals to help organizations build a competitive edge. The Core Security solution portfolio has been recognized by industry analysts, customers, and thought leaders as providing business-critical solutions and offering a segment within the industry that is unmatched.  
Click here for the legacy Damballa customer support portal.
Click here for the legacy Damballa partner portal.

Check Out Core Network Insight in Action 

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See how Core Network Insight can empower you to detect, confirm, and respond to threats in your organization. 
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