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Cyber Threat
Cyber Threat Solutions and Security Consulting Services

With today’s ever-increasing and constantly-shifting threat landscape, organizations must do everything they can to ensure the security of its cyber assets.  A key element to that protection is cyber threat intelligence (CTI). 

What is a Cyber Threat?

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Cyber threats are the malicious attempts to damage and/or disrupt computer network systems, access files or entire servers and systems, and potentially leak or steal data.

Cyber threats come in many forms such as trojans, ransomware, rogue or unpatched software, worms, advanced persistent threats, and phishing schemes – a list that grows every day. As methods become more popular, and expand in form, it is essential that organizations safeguard their infrastructure and data against cyber threats. 

What is Cyber Threat Intelligence?

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Cyber threat intelligence (CTI) is the process of researching and analyzing cyber threat trends, and developing proactive, preventative measures to protect against them.

What are the Benefits of Cyber Threat Intelligence?

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  • Ability to collect and analyze a large amount of contextual data 
  • Improved detection of advanced persistent threats (APT) and ability to prioritize based on risk posed to the organization 
  • Bringing your organization peace of mind through a proactive cybersecurity policy
  • Building the framework to constantly adapt and protect against new cyber threats as they’re developed
  • Ongoing monitoring of network access, security, and risk

How does Core Security offer Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)?

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With over 20 years’ global experience, Core Security is a trusted source for threat-aware solutions that provide the actionable intelligence and context needed to manage security risks across the enterprise. Our solutions are designed to help you reduce the risk of compromise by uncovering vulnerabilities wherever they reside in your environment.

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Evaluate your security by safely trying to exploit vulnerabilities

Advanced Threat Detection Software

Get complete visibility into network threat-related activities

Security Consulting Services

Comprehensive penetration testing services to protect your organization from cyber attacks

Reduce Cyber Security Risk

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For more information about how our Cyber Threat solutions can help you manage your security risks, please contact us today.
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