Bug Reproducer Assistant

Bug Reproducer Assistant

Bug-reproducer Assistant is a tool that extracts behavior from live running code (Python or C++), generating a program equivalent to the original, but only with the functions or classes selected by the programmer. It's been developed in Python, with the help of metaprogramming techniques to decorate the selected functions.

This tool will be presented in Pycon 2011


Once the program is installed open CMD, CD to "C:\Program Files\Bug-reproducer Assistant\Python\gui", and run "python main.py"


  1. Download Bug-reproducer Assistant
  2. Unzip Bug-reproducer Assistant
  3. Install Python 2.5 (it may work for later versions as well, but it's not guaranteed).
  4. Install PyQt for Python 2.5: link
  5. Install simplejson: link
  6. Open a CMD as administrator.
  7. In the folder where you've unzipped the tool, run "setup.py install "
  8. CD to "C:\Program Files\Bug-reproducer Assistant\Python\gui", and run "python main.py"
  9. Have fun!

Known issues

Parser needs improvement. For C++ projects, it requires a very simple syntax. It doesn't solve comments, or function declarations split in several lines.


This software is provided under the BSD License

Contact Us

Whether you want to report a bug or give some suggestions on this package, drop us a few lines at oss- at -coresecurity.com or contact Gervasio Andrés Calderón Fernández (gcalderon@)


Bug-reproducer Assistant

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