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Go beyond PCI-DSS compliance and fight back against real risk.

Retail Overview

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Did you know that the retail industry makes up 8% of all breaches? This is less than financial services or the government but yet whenever a retailer is breached and their information stolen, it makes bigger news and has bigger consequences due to their name recognition and the fact that people trust them every day to carry out transactions while keeping their information safe. 

With the volume of transactions as well as the number of servers, devices and endpoints it can be overwhelming to try and deter, detect or remediate cyber-attacks. You need a solution that will give you true visibility into your network so that you can continuously and comprehensively monitor what is happening to your data. 

Adding to the volume of data is the value of this data which causes retailers to adhere to strict Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS). These standards apply to anyone who handles credit cards from the major card schemes and globally applies to all entities that store, process or transmit cardholder data. Some elements of these standards include cyber-security measurements such as penetration testing but should not stop with the simple checking off of a list item. In order to be truly safe, not just PCI-DSS compliant, you should have a comprehensive cyber-security plan to protect yourself and your consumer’s data.


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Remain Compliant

PCI-DSS requires that all retailers have a penetration test once a year to check for vulnerabilities in their network. Core Impact can take care of the test and then Vulnerability Insight will prioritize these vulnerabilities based on your unique company history and industry standards.

Reduce Threat Surface

The first step in reducing threat surface is understanding it. With true visibility you can see all of the identity and access relationships in your network and who is accessing your privileged information. With network threat detection, you can see what devices have access and with vulnerability management you will know which patches will have the greatest impact on your network. Knowing this will allow you to target your threats and reduce their reach.

Improve Efficiencies

With the number of servers, devices and endpoints being monitored on your network you don’t have time to chase false reports of a breach. Network Insight monitors traffic in all of these areas and will only alert you when there is a confirmed breach so that you know how to accurately spend your time.

Reduce IT Costs

Above the fact that you will encounter fewer breaches, vulnerability prioritization will ensure that your team works on the most critical needs first rather than wasting their time on less critical exploits and risking overtime when these higher risk vulnerabilities are exploited.

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