Why is Multi Tenancy Important in a SIEM Solution?

All SIEMs are well known for their ability to monitor IT infrastructures for potential threats, escalating them to the appropriate party. Though these solutions share this core function in common, SIEMs differ widely in terms of features. It’s important to evaluate your own environment to determine what your priorities are. For certain organizations, particularly MSPs, multi tenancy is a key functionality.

What is Multi Tenancy?

In its original architectural context, multi tenancy establishes the difference between an apartment building and a single residence home. When used in technology, it describes a single instance of hardware or software that has more than one resident. Multi tenancy is perhaps most commonly recognized in conjunction with cloud computing, in which multiple users or groups reside on a single cloud server. It is also regularly seen in Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.

Certain SIEM solutions also have this capability. Clear partitions are in place to allow each tenant the ability to use it for their own environment. Each instance can be tailored specifically to meet the requirements and needs for any given infrastructure. Data remains strictly siloed to ensure both privacy and security. For instance, a Security Operations Center (SOC) that oversees multiple agencies would create a different tenant for each agency.

Multi Tenancy SIEMs, MSPs, and MSSPs

Multi Tenancy SIEM solutions are particularly helpful for Managed Service providers (MSPs) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). Managed Service Providers are companies that run IT services for different organizations. MSSPs specialize in running security services. Both of these business models include or have the option of different cybersecurity offerings, like threat monitoring with a SIEM solution. Having to purchase and run a single instance SIEM for each customer is not only an expensive undertaking, it would also take more time to keep up with the basic administration of so many individual solutions. The ability of a solution to offer multi tenancy is not only cost efficient, it ensures that customer accounts are segregated, but are still easily managed through one centralized solution.

Multi Tenancy and Event Manager

Event Manager includes multi tenancy capabilities ideal for MSPs and large enterprises looking to add SIEM segmentation to their offerings. It makes rapid threat detection and response attainable for substantial, complex networks with high volumes of security events to manage, and can easily scale as your organization continues to grow. Event Manger’s multi tenancy administration is straightforward and easy to use, but also provides ample flexibility so that you can tailor each instance as needed. With a multi tenancy SIEM in place, you can enable your customers to take threat detection and response to the next level, reducing risk and remaining compliant with regulations and industry best practices.

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