How to Increase Password Security with Mobile Reset

Ineffective password management can be a significant burden to most organizations, resulting in increased costs and security risks. In order to ensure the security of your network, you set rules around password creation including the use of characters, symbols, minimum lengths and more. You’ve restricted the use of old passwords and instituted a process for the passwords to be changed at regular intervals. While these tactics are helpful for keeping passwords safe, they often lead to users forgetting their passwords and/or getting locked out of the applications that they need.

This leads to your internal IT help-desk being burdened by thousands of password reset calls each month. As a result, your agents aren’t able to service users in a timely manner and both your time and resources are constrained. What if your users could experience convenient and secure password reset over the phone, without waiting to speak to a live agent or submitting a help desk ticket?

Research shows that a strong self-service password management solution will achieve a rapid ROI by reducing service desk call volume by up to 80%. With Mobile Reset authentication you can combine a username and password with the one thing users always carry with them – their mobile phone.

Be it a mobile app, SMS text, or a regular phone call, the ability to reset your password, through multi-factor authentication is the secure way to keep your network safe, reduce the burden on your help desk, and give your users the help they need. Mobile Reset is a game changer for securing your organization. 

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