Customizable Reports with Core Impact

Today we're sharing how to use the customizable reports functionality available in Core Impact.

In order to generate such agents, we'll use the "Network Report Generation" wizard.

From the list of available reports, filter for type "spreadsheet" and select "Network Host Report". When clicking on "Duplicate" we'll get the prompt for a new report name. The new report can then be customized by selecting the "Edit" option.

We're then given the option to fully customize the spreadsheet. For example, you can include new pictures in the header or change the layout, tables, and fields included in each tab. We can even hide or remove entire tabs, as well as decide which columns we want to keep.

After editing the template, launching the report generation will result in a new report generated with the information filled from the Workspace's database. This is an easy way to integrate Impact results directly with the tester process and can reduce the required time to integrate findings with other tools or manual testing.