IoT Security Solutions and Penetration Tests

Safeguard connected devices and networks in the Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT devices are now everywhere—from inside your home to being integrated into an organization’s critical infrastructure. While these devices have become invaluable ways to increase efficiency, they have also opened up security gaps that threat actors continue to take advantage of. Since many of these devices don’t have traditional operating systems, antivirus isn’t widely available, leaving them particularly vulnerable. The most effective way to ensure your IoT devices are secure is through pen testing.

Bolstering IoT Security


Since many IoT devices are connected to the organization’s network, it is critical to make sure that they don’t serve as a doorway for attackers, be it through using unknown networks, poor access administration, or other means.

While there may not be anti-malware solutions, there are still plenty of measures that can be taken to ensure they are as secure as possible. Pen testers will test to see if these measurements are in place by attempting to breach these devices. Since the world of IoT is so vast, consisting of everything from a smart TV to an MRI machine, each test is slightly different, but may include an examination of the physical device to simulate someone with inside access, researching the firmware for potential decryption or emulation, or attempting to find and exploit misconfigurations, weak passwords, insecure data transfer or storage.  

IoT Penetration Testing with Core Security


Core Security can pen test all of your IoT devices, including connected devices like cameras, smart home technology, automobile systems, and SCADA systems. Pen testers take the nuances of these different devices into account by analyzing each component and the interaction between them. By using layered methodology, where each layer is analyzed, pen testers can spot weaknesses that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Depending on the specific target and scope, the following tasks may be executed: 

  • Threat modeling
  • Hardware and firmware
  • Source code review
  • Coverage of API, web consoles, and mobile applications
  • Integration of cloud applications 

Upon completion, you’ll receive detailed results, identifying vulnerabilities, a full account of the testing process, as well as suggestions for mitigation. Our comprehensive report allows your IT staff to prioritize fixes based on these valuable insights. 

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