Incorporating Risk Management into Your Cyber Governance Strategy

With disrupting and devastating attacks occurring every day, it is more important than ever to develop a continuous cybersecurity strategy. Security teams must take the entire cybersecurity environment into account, factoring in everything from new risks, emerging technologies, recruiting talent, and other challenges. How is it possible to implement a successful security strategy suited to an ever evolving and complex threat landscape? In this webinar, cybersecurity experts discuss steps to consider when planning such an undertaking, including:

  • Aligning with broader business and technology strategies
  • Periodically assessing leadership, talent and cultural readiness for technological change
  • Using enhanced digital measurement capabilities to understand risk
  • Incorporating regular penetration testing to uncover security vulnerabilities

By taking a more comprehensive and predictive approach to safeguarding critical data and assets, security teams will be better prepared to identify vulnerabilities, minimize risks, and maintain continuous compliance.

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