Prioritizing Pen Testing: 2021 Survey Results Revealed

The global chaos of last year was also seen in the digital world, as cyber attackers were seemingly relentless in their efforts. Such activity underscores the importance of penetration testing to assess and test security vulnerabilities, which allow you to better evaluate risk and be ready to detect, prevent and respond to threats as they happen.

Though pen tests continue to become a required part of cybersecurity and risk management, the role they play and the extent to which they are utilized can differ significantly from organization to organization. In order to better understand the full spectrum of pen test usage, Core Security conducted its second annual survey of cybersecurity professionals on the usage and perception of pen testing teams, services, and tools.

In this webinar, cybersecurity experts unveil the results, analyzing and offering insight on different pen testing trends and challenges, including:

  • Pen testing frequency and scope
  • Differences between internal and third-party testing
  • If remote work affects pen testing strategies
  • Implementing post pen testing remediation
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