The Practice of Pen Testing: 2022 Survey Results Revealed

It seemed like all the challenges of 2020 carried over into 2021, and cybersecurity was no exception. Threat actors appeared to outpace every industry with staggering numbers of cyber-attacks, perhaps most notably with the perpetual uptick in ransomware attacks and the Log4j zero-day vulnerability. It was a year in which many organizations learned the importance of proactive cybersecurity, particularly the vital need for security assessments like penetration tests, which allow you to better evaluate risk and be prepared to detect, prevent and respond to threats.

It is essential to understand how organizations are adapting their defensive strategies to incorporate or prioritize pen testing in order to ensure their services, tools, and skills grow to meet these rising needs. To continue to gain visibility into the ongoing evolution of penetration testing and its critical role in security policies, Core Security conducted its third annual survey of cybersecurity professionals on the usage and perception of pen testing teams, services, and tools.

In this webinar, cybersecurity experts unveil the 2022 results, analyzing and offering insight on different pen testing trends and challenges, including:

  • Pen testing frequency and scope
  • Security concerns addressed by pen testing
  • How remote work affects pen testing strategies
  • Usage of pen testing tools
  • Deployment of third-party pen testing teams
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