Modern Day Cyber Threats and How SIEM Solutions Can Reduce Your Risk

Security Information and Event Management solutions have been on the market for well over a decade, and are now commonly known as powerful tools that can provide swift analysis and prioritization that allow security teams to focus and react quickly to the most aggressive threats. But what role does SIEM play in today’s threat landscape? How are features like multi-tenancy, threat intelligence, or tailored integrations helping keep up against increasingly sophisticated risks?

Watch cybersecurity experts Bob Erdman, Senior Cybersecurity Product Manager at Core Security, A Fortra Company and Holger Schulze, CEO and Founder of Cybersecurity Insiders as they examine the results of the 2020 survey focused on organizational cybersecurity and SIEM solutions and discuss: 

  • Highest security threats
  • Effectiveness of SIEM solutions to combat these security challenges
  • Diverse capabilities that SIEMs offer to reduce risk
  • How SIEM is continuing to evolve to stay up to date with the cyber threats of today
Media Video

Want to See a SIEM in Action?

Watch all the ways a SIEM can help you keep up with modern day threats in a short demo of Event Manager.