Identity Access Management Strategies to Mitigate Risk

Identity and Access Management solutions are a key weapon in the cybersecurity defense arsenal, as they tackle a problem that every organization faces: how do you allow enough access to the business so that valuable work gets done while still enforcing appropriate restrictions to prevent security incidents?

In this mid-year report from Cybersecurity Insiders, sponsored by Core Security, a Fortra Company, organizations from all sizes and industries responded to help identify the latest trends, key challenges, gaps and solution preferences for Identity and Access Management.

Join cybersecurity experts as they take a deep dive into this survey, exploring the results for issues surrounding Identity and Access Management, including: 

  • Types of IAM tools in use
  • Access related breaches/attacks
  • Business needs and considerations
  • Regulations and compliance issues

In addition to putting these trends into a broader security context, we’ll also provide actionable information to help your organization stay ahead of the curve and avoid access related incidents, like insider threats, regulatory fines, and more.

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Protect Your Organization and Reduce Identity-Related Risk

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