How to Take Your Vulnerability Management Program to the Next Level | Video

How to Take Your Vulnerability Management Program to the Next Level

Managing security vulnerabilities is no easy task: identifying, classifying, remediating, and mitigating weaknesses in the IT infrastructure is a continuous process that has only grown more challenging with an increasing number of attacks. Most organizations have the fundamentals in place: running regular vulnerability scans, establishing basic prioritization methods, having a patching process, and maybe even having some metrics. But after building a foundation, what’s the best way to ensure your vulnerability management program continues to mature?

In this webinar, cybersecurity experts Bob Erdman and James Adams of Core Security and Randall Laudermilk of Carson & Saint discuss how pen testing can help you take the next step. Valuable new insights can be gained through penetration tests that augment vulnerability scanners for enhanced prioritization or validating remediation efforts. Learn how even running a few key tests can improve your security posture, and the best way to incorporate pen testing to your existing vulnerability management program.



Escalate Your Vulnerability Management Program

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