The Effects of Cloud Migration on IAM, PAM, and Audit

Companies are continually reassessing which cloud infrastructures provide dynamic provisioning for their business units, using the best price points available.

Many organizations are jostling between AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure offers versus private cloud alternatives like OpenStack. Your business planning team is reviewing annually cost vs efficiencies, and procurement cycles are accelerating. 

This poses particular challenges for IT staff involved in IAM, PAM, cloud provisioning, and/or audit. Keeping control of this shifting sand of technology stacks and keeping your business units under control (and auditable) poses new challenges. 

Webinar takeaways:

  • Cross cloud platform Live Migration tools are almost production ready. Are you?
  • Learn about the driving forces behind cloud usage and procurement changes.
  • What impact this has on the IAM/PAM tools your organization is using
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