Cybersecurity Trends in 2019 and Predictions for 2020

It’s been another whirlwind year in cybersecurity, and it’s important to reflect and learn from everything that’s taken place in 2019. Organizations spent the year facing familiar challenges like ransomware, cryptojacking, and phishing, but seeing the fallout from these breaches also helped the business world prioritize improved vigilance around both external and internal access to sensitive data.

Looking back on 2019 also helps us have 2020 vision looking towards next year, as we anticipate what problems will continue, and which new ones will arise. For example, many organizations will look to expand their security portfolio, as IoT devices—from cell phones to smart TVs to MRIs—are increasingly utilized as attack vectors. 2020 looks to be just as exciting as 2019, with ample opportunities for organizations to improve their security stance.

Watch Bob Erdman, Senior Security Product Manager, Mike Lynch, Senior Sales Engineer, and Mae Ricci, Senior Support Manager as they count down the top cybersecurity trends of 2019 and make their predictions for what’s to come in 2020.

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