Core Security Continues to Lead Identity Management Innovation with Introduction of New Toolkit

ATLANTA, GA (February 21, 2017) - Core Security, a leader in Identity and Access Management, Vulnerability, and Network Detection and Response, today announced the release of Core Connector API, the Identity Management toolkit that helps facilitate integration between the Core Security Access Assurance Suite and customers’ systems and applications. The Core Connector API works with any web-services enabled target system and is tailored to each organization’s unique business application.

Data flows between the systems and applications across a business, providing a big picture view and notification of any anomalies. The same is true for Identity Management – to successfully provision a new employee, organizations need to have the data flow enabled between the identity solution, Human Resources solution, pay management solution, benefits solution, e-mail server and business applications.

Business applications don’t work in silos and the same is true for Identity Management. “The Core Connector API changes the way connectors have worked in the past, by being more robust, yet easy to manage and handle any complex business systems. With today’s dynamic threat landscape and the rise of identity management risks, more companies are recognizing the need for comprehensive and connected solutions.

The Core Connector API features include:

  • Quick to Connect: The Core Connector API works with any web-services enabled system, reducing deployment time.
  • Adaptable: If an organization’s target system does not have web-services, it can create an API for the Core Connector API to talk to.
  • Easy to Deploy: The Core Connector API allows companies to create their own connector and easily manage the configuration.
  • Control: Updating the connector is simply plugging in updated URLs. Organizations no longer need to rely on Core Security or implementation partners to entirely rewrite connectors. They can simply modify their request handler – code that they or a certified partner can change easily and quickly.