Core Security Continues its Position as Industry Leader in Penetration Testing

Atlanta, GA, July 24, 2017 - Core Security, a leader in Vulnerability, Access Risk Management and Network Detection and Response, today announced the release of Core Impact 2017 R2, the comprehensive software solution for identifying, assessing and testing security vulnerabilities attackers will exploit.

Core Impact identifies the most pressing cyber risks to organizations by empowering testers with tools as powerful and flexible as those used by attackers. Penetration and Red Team testers can safely imitate real attacks that pivot across systems, devices, and applications, revealing how chains of exploitable vulnerabilities open paths to mission-critical systems and data, escalating privileges and capturing credentials along their path. The new Core Impact 2017 R2 includes several updates:

  • Faster Privilege Escalation:  Impact’s powerful Privileged Escalation capability just got even better. Testers can now filter out known patched Windows vulnerabilities to speed up escalation of privileges.
  • Stronger Remediation Validation:  Impact’s Remediation Validator now ensures all patching efforts are tested, leveraging existing deployed agents to ensure every patched vulnerability in a chain of exploits is verified.
  • No Agent Left Behind: Impact’s agents can now be configured with a “kill by” date to ensure agents will wipe themselves from the system even if they lose contact with Core Impact.  
  • Optimized For Stability & Usability: Updates to 3rd party libraries and products to ensure users get the most from the product

“The new Core Impact 2017 R2 enables security leaders to assess their organization’s ability to detect, prevent and respond to real-world threats and provides visibility into their endpoint defenses with comprehensive penetration testing,” said Stephen Newman, Core Security’s Senior Vice President, Product Management. “Core Impact gives users the best exploits, true multi-vector support, the ability to safely pivot across systems and applications, and the power to escalate privileges like no other solution in the market.  With this release, we have made the product faster, stronger, and safer for penetration testers and red teams across the world.”

Core Security recently announced a new flexible pricing model for Core Impact, enabling users to leverage an unlimited number of IPs to test systems, and helping organizations better fit Core Impact within their operating or capital budgets. Now, organizations can expand the number of Red Team users and penetration testers who have access to Core Impact, to more effectively conduct penetration tests without restricting the number of IPs. New users receive all of the features of Core Impact without any restrictions.