When to Use Penetration Testing Software, Services, or Both 

Pen testing is an essential way to evaluate a cybersecurity program's ability to protect networks, applications, endpoints, and users from external or internal attempts to exploit security weaknesses and circumvent controls. While its necessity is agreed upon, how pen testing is implemented may vary depending on an organization's security strategy and their specific needs.

For some, using on-staff security analysts and automated tools may be the most suitable. For others, an external pen testing service may be called for. Oftentimes, a combination of the two ensures full coverage.

In this guide, get advice on how to determine when it makes sense to utilize internal tools and personnel, solicit third-party teams, or when a hybrid approach is called for. Learn which factors to consider to make a decision that suits your organization's needs, including:

  • Pen testing scope
  • Organizational size and structure
  • Available tools and resources
  • Analyst skills and experience
  • Timelines

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