A Simple Guide to Successful Red Teaming

Red Teaming simulates malicious activities of a long-term adversary embedded in a network to test an organization’s ability to detect and respond to intrusions. During Red Team operations, ethical hackers demonstrate the creative, unexpected, and unrelated routes threat actors can take to compromise internal assets. The results serve as a valuable learning experience for the target organization's security team, highlighting weaknesses that can then be corrected.

While it was once seen as a nice addition to a strong security posture, it is now a crucial way to gain real-world experience against dangerous exploits. In this guide, get a thorough overview of red teaming, including:

  • Differentiating pen testing and red teaming
  • Red teaming use cases
  • Benefits of red teaming
  • Determining red team readiness
  • Choosing third-party services or in-house teams
  • How to maximize your red team engagement

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