A Proactive Approach to Federal Cybersecurity

Cyber criminals focus on the easiest targets, which often are federal agencies. A recent White House Executive Order on cybersecurity puts renewed focus squarely on securing federal network infrastructure, which means federal agencies must step up their security games, complying with both existing and emerging regulations related to information security.

Among other things, the order promotes modernizing federal cybersecurity, improving detection of vulnerabilities and incidents, and moving toward a Zero Trust security model. But where do federal agencies begin on their journey to make their IT infrastructure more resilient?

Download A Proactive Approach to Federal Cybersecurity to learn how federal agencies can continue to develop a robust security posture by:

  • Gauging their current security maturity level Using vulnerability management tools to monitor their environments
  • Deploying antivirus solutions to protect their servers
  • Finding network weaknesses with penetration testing
  • Discovering the potential impact of vulnerabilities with red teaming

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