Identity & Access Governance Buyer's Guide

Comprehensive Identity and Access Governance (IAG) solutions provide value in many areas by:

  • Improving the productivity of managers by simplifying identity and access certification processes
  • Saving time for employees by speeding up the process to request and receive access to resources (especially when the request system is integrated with automated provisioning)
  • Providing more data to speed up audits and reduce the high cost of regulatory compliance
  • Reducing vulnerabilities and decreasing the risk of data breaches and the loss of customer andemployee information and intellectual and financial property
  • Improving risk management
  • Deterring policy violations by employees and other insiders

But knowing how to choose a solution can be a cumbersome, overwhelming, and often times frustrating process.

Our IAG Buyer's Guide was built to help you understand:

  • How the IAG landscape has changed in recent years, and how that impacts the solutions on the market today
  • Key features & functionalities your IGA solution should offer
  • Comparison method to narrow down to a short list of vendors to consider during evaluation

Download the Identity & Access Governance Buyer's Guide today to get started.