2021 Malware Report

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During Tumultuous Times, Malware Threats Thrive

The past year was full of upheaval in many different ways, and the cybersecurity world was no exception. Malware continued to wreak havoc, perhaps even more so than usual. The silver lining is that much can be learned from these experiences and analyzed to better bolster against attacks. In this report from Cybersecurity Insiders, sponsored by Fortra, professionals ranging from technical executives to managers and IT security practitioners from organizations of varying sizes across multiple industries responded to survey questions on malware, including attack types, defense and prevention strategies, recovery efforts, and concerns about threats in the future.

Respondents certainly felt the surge in cyber attacks, with 82% responding that malware/ransomware attacks are becoming more frequent, and 88% seeing malware and ransomware as at least a moderate threat to their business. There is also concern that malware attacks will continue to grow, with 75% of respondents seeing malware and ransomware becoming a larger threat to businesses over the next year.

Additionally, as is common any time there is a crisis, regionally or globally, threat actors quickly mobilized to take advantage of heightened emotions and the impulsive, reactive behavior that is common during such times, heavily using phishing and other scams. In fact, 70% of respondents reported that ransomware attacks began with phishing emails, and 82% considered spear-phishing emails to be the dangerous attack vector.

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