2019 Insider Threat Report

How Are Organizations Affected by Insider Threats and How Are They Responding to Them?

Insider attacks come in all shapes and sizes. Accidental insiders are susceptible to phishing attempts, while malicious insiders may expose or sell sensitive customer data. In order to learn more about how organizations are handling these attacks, Cybersecurity Insiders conducted a comprehensive survey of organizations and their security teams, exploring the evolution and ongoing challenges of insider threats.

The 2019 Insider Threat Report unveils the latest trends and key challenges surrounding insider threats encountered by cybersecurity professionals across industries, including:

  • Most common types of insider threats
  • Data most at risk to insider attacks
  • Contributing factors to increased vulnerability
  • Discovery and response strategies

With 70% of respondents agreeing that insider attacks are becoming more frequent, advanced planning and preparation is more important than ever.

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