Core Access

Streamline access requests and approvals to mitigate identity-related risks in your organization

Product Overview 

Core Access is a centralized access request management solution that simplifies the access request and approval process in your organization, all within a single interface. Using a shopping cart approach, Core Access provides a convenient web portal where end users and managers can request access and managers or application owners can review, approve, or deny access. Plus information is presented in a context that makes it less likely errors will be made. 

Replacing paper forms, emails, and tickets, Core Access delivers an automated, integrated solution that ensures users go through the proper channels for access. This means your organization has a consistent method for creating accounts and entitlements that aligns with your business processes and protocols, while helping to adhere to the principle of least privileged access.

Reduce the Complexity of Access Requests and Approvals

Organizations today are tasked with supporting countless devices, applications, and systems with key access to data. Security teams find themselves struggling to keep up with the complexity of providing correct access in a timely, reliable manner. And managers or applications owners often find themselves rubber stamping approvals or copying access of an existing user because of the extensive time and resources required to review manual requests. 

That’s why Core Access provides a leading-edge solution that ensures users get the access they need—and only the access they need—all from a centralized system. Using built-in intelligence to model the required access based on user analytics, Core Access provides the ability to utilize entitlements in addition to roles. 

Managers, resource owners, and other staff who need to approve access do so through a simple web-based interface that provides real-time information on the requests they need to approve. Plus if any approvals are overlooked, reminders and escalations can be configured to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. 

What Does Core Access Do?

Simplified Access Requests 

Users can easily request access to necessary applications and track the status in an intuitive web portal. Requests are automatically routed to the appropriate approvers to review requests, grant approvals, and manage access. Approvers can easily retrieve detailed user-request information, providing a simple and clear view of access requests and their context. Real-time email notifications to users, application owners, request approvers, and IT administrators provide further visibility into pending requests, getting your users up and running faster and easier—all without end users having to contact IT administrators to ask where the request is in the process.

Centralized Access Control  

Streamline onboarding, offboarding, and role management for better efficiency, security, and compliance. Core Access provides an integrated approval system that safeguards the definitions and assignment of access structures that contain privileges, ensuring users receive only appropriate access. Create approval workflows to make certain that the appropriate people are involved in the request process. A comprehensive audit trail of requests and approval activities helps prove compliance to your organization’s specific requirements. 

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Product Benefits

  • Review access requests, easily provide approvals, and manage user privileges in a single portal 
  • Identify and manage access rights for systems, applications, and data in a single interface 
  • Mitigate risks with an automated solution to modify, disable or delete user access in accordance with policy and regulatory requirements 
  • Empower business managers to request user access creation, changes or deletions from a simple user interface