CoreLabs Information Security Publications

Below is an index of publications, presentations and papers authored by members of the CoreLabs research team. Click on any title to get more information and access the publication on the CoreLabs extranet site.

Title Venue / Publication Publication Date
Automating Penetration Tests - a new challenge for the IS industry? Black Hat Briefings, Las Vegas, July 11-12, 2001
Bug Hunting: The Seven Ways of the Security Samurai IEEE Computer Magazine, Security and Privacy supplement, April 2002, pp. 11-15
Deactivate the Rootkit (ekoparty edition) Ekoparty 2009, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Heuristics applied to Binary Diffing Ekoparty 2009
State of the Art Security from an Attackers Viewpoint PacSec Conference, Tokyo, Japan, November 6, 2003.
Strong payload obfuscation and encryption PacSec Conference
Security in Free Software Second Free Software National Congress (USUARIA 2005), Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Simulating Cyber-Attacks for Fun and Profit SIMUTools 2009 - 2nd International Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques
The Shellcode Generation IEEE Computer Society - Security & Privacy Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 5
An Analysis of the Slapper Worm IEEE Computer Society - Security & Privacy Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 1
An in-depth examination of IP cameras attack surface Ekoparty 2013