We're excited to welcome Impacket to Fortra's open source portfolio. Formerly hosted by SecureAuth, this tool will now be maintained by Fortra's Core Security. Core Security remains committed to Impacket's future development, as well as the development of the open-source ecosystem around it, enabling our community partners to enhance Impacket through contributions.

What Is Impacket

Impacket is a collection of Python classes for working with network protocols. Impacket is focused on providing low-level programmatic access to the packets and, for some protocols (e.g. SMB1-3 and MSRPC), the protocol implementation itself. Packets can be constructed from scratch, as well as parsed from raw data, and the object-oriented API makes it simple to work with deep hierarchies of protocols. The library provides a set of tools as examples of what can be done within the context of this library.

Impacket is available for download in Fortra's github library.

Related Information

Impacket is also closely tied to preexisting Core Security tools, such as the pen testing solution Core Impact, serving as the foundation of its Active Directory attack testing features.


This software is provided under a slightly modified version of the Apache Software License. See the accompanying LICENSE file for more information.

SMBv1 and NetBIOS support based on Pysmb by Michael Teo.