CoreLabs Cybersecurity Threat Advisories

View the list of security advisories authored by members of the CoreLabs research team. Click on any title to get more information on the security advisory. Click the title or published date links to sort the data.

Title Published Date
Multiple Vulnerabilities in Stack Smashing Protection Technologies 05/18/16
Multiple Vulnerabilities in Sun Calendar Express Web Server 05/18/16
Multiple Vulnerabilities in Tooltalk Database Server 05/18/16
Multiple vulnerabilities in Ximian's Evolution Mail User Agent 05/18/16
Multiple Vulnerabilities with 8.3 Filename Pseudonyms in Web Servers 05/18/16
Multiple XSS and Injection Vulnerabilities in TestLink Test Management and Execution System 05/18/16
Multiple XSS in Sun Communications Express 05/18/16
MPlayer 1.0rc2 Buffer Overflow Vulnerability 05/18/16
Microsoft Word Arbitrary Free Vulnerability 05/18/16
Microsoft SRV.SYS SMB_COM_TRANSACTION Denial of Service 05/18/16
Insufficient argument validation of hooked SSDT functions on multiple Antivirus and Firewalls 05/18/16
Internet Explorer Dynamic OBJECT tag and URLMON sniffing vulnerabilities 05/18/16
Internet Explorer Security Zone restrictions bypass 05/18/16
Internet Explorer Zone Elevation Restrictions Bypass and Security Zone Restrictions Bypass 05/18/16
iPhone Safari JavaScript alert Denial of Service 05/18/16
Jetty Persistent XSS in Sample Cookies Application 05/18/16
LANDesk command injection 05/18/16
Leopard Server Remote Path Traversal 05/18/16
Libpurple msn_slplink_process_msg() Arbitrary Write Vulnerability 05/18/16
Lotus Notes buffer overflow in the Lotus WorkSheet file processor 05/18/16
Luxology Modo 401 .LXO Integer Overflow 05/18/16
MailEnable Buffer Overflow Vulnerability 05/18/16
Microsoft Office Excel / Word OfficeArtSpgr Container Pointer Overwrite Vulnerability 05/18/16
Microsoft Office Excel DbOrParamQry Record Parsing Vulnerability 05/18/16
Microsoft Office Visio DXF File Insertion Buffer Overflow 05/18/16