Why Outsourcing Security Isn’t Something to be Scared Of

No matter what you call them: threats, weaknesses, risks or vulnerabilities, they’re out there. Are you ready to handle them?

Do you have a team internally dedicated to conducting pen-tests regularly? Are the people you’ve hired trained and experienced in conducting pen-tests or seeking out weaknesses in your system? How about fixing or eradicating issues before they actually become problems?

Security is an initiative that deserves, and requires, the attention of someone at all times. Ideally there would be a group of “someones” spending quality time working towards protecting sensitive data. This is not a job that should be divvied up across people in addition to their job because nothing substantial would get completed quickly and efficiently—which may leave you more at risk than where you started.

Outsourcing provides many benefits to your security – not to mention your employees. Here are some of the leading reasons you should consider outsourcing to a security team in 2017:

Less Expensive

Security isn’t cheap. Nor does it get any less expensive when you spread those duties across many employees – who can’t execute due to primary job-functions which should consume most of their day even without the added load of cyber-security work. Utilizing a team outside of your company actually lowers expenses by minimizing headcount and reducing the need for overtime for your already over-extended employees.

Timely Security Services

If security isn’t cheap, don’t spend even more of the resource that you can never get back: time! Working with a team externally can save your employees’ time and help narrow their focus back towards main objectives.


Everyone needs practice in this area, but this provides a time to practice removing something from your plate and entrusting it to someone who has the time, resources and experience. You can’t do it all, and if security is something that needs to be removed from your plate then allow it.

Execute core responsibilities

If you have maxed out your bandwidth after adding cyber-security to many of your employees’ loads, it might be good to ask yourself if they really can execute perfectly on everything. This will only allow your teams who have been filling in the gaps to channel their energy back to their main objectives for the year.

Outsourcing Security is the New Norm

Now, the argument shouldn’t be that “well everyone else is doing it” – but, that’s just it. It’s not something to fear because more businesses are entrusting those that have their complete focus on security of businesses over the internal employees whose focus is often increasing revenue or retention, obtaining market share and becoming leaders in the industry.

Access to Security Expertise

When you team up with an external source to assist with testing your systems, you have the chance to work with people experienced and driven to beat the bad-actors that are out there. They eat, sleep and breathe security and know what to look for which may help better protect your business.

According to CIO.com the most common security service that is outsourced amongst the 190 businesses who completed this survey is pen-testing at 70 percent – followed by spam filtering and threat intelligence at 46 and 40 percent respectively. It’s believed that these numbers will only continue to increase as years go by because businesses “just can’t keep up” according to Garret Bekker, a senior security analyst at 451 Research.

If you aren’t sure what outsourcing security would look like for your business, get in touch with the Core Security team, today! We want to work in partnership with your company to understand what needs to be done, what can be done and how we can be an asset to you. Don’t wait for something to be broken and have to work in overdrive – be proactive about finding a cost-effective and reliable method to protect your company from known risks. Allow the experts to educate your team on the correct procedures or policies necessary for your line of work.

At the end of the day it’s you who gets to reap the benefits of outsourcing cyber-security efforts. You have more time, money and a secured network.


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