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Sophos Alternative for UNIX Centralized Management for Antivirus: We're Here to Stay

Recently, Sophos announced that as of January 2020, management of their antivirus solution for UNIX via their centralized management console would no longer be supported. In reaction to this decision, we would like to take the time to reaffirm our commitment to maintaining support for UNIX cybersecurity. We’re dedicated to not only continuing service for these critical operating systems but releasing ongoing updates that will provide additional value and evolve with these technologies. Read on to find out how our solutions are growing and why we’re prioritizing UNIX and UNIX-like operating systems like Linux.

Making Centralized Management a Priority

Powertech Antivirus is our native scanning solution that has centralized, straightforward dashboards and administration through Fortra Insite. This IT operations center allows you to efficiently manage and configure software across your IT organization, as well as create dynamic dashboards for maximum visibility.  Insite represents our long-term commitment to centralization, integrating multiple products that you can manage, configure, authorize, and deploy with a single interface.

It’s not just Powertech Antivirus that supports UNIX/Linux. We’re devoted to assembling a powerful suite of products that provide holistic security across your environment. For example, Powertech Identity & Access Manager (BoKS) takes on insider threats that an antivirus solution can’t detect, simply because employees require access in order to do their jobs. Powertech Identity & Access Manager aims to limit this access to only what is absolutely required to their jobs with centrally controlled privileged account delegation, enforcing which commands can be executed by role.

Additionally, Event Manager is a powerful Security Information and Event Management solution, that provides real-time threat detection by consolidating information in one place, normalizing data streams and prioritizing events that require immediate attention. Event Manager is centralized through Insite and can easily integrate with standard data sources using out-of-the-box-templates for easy implementation. However, it can also be used with in-house applications, third party software, or connected devices, providing further centralization.

The Importance of Native Solutions

Though the myth of UNIX/Linux being immune to viruses has been busted time and time again, it remains pervasive across industries. The truth is Linux has long been a lucrative target since so many organizations use Linux for their powerful server-side operations, as well as for storing critical sensitive data.

For example, researchers just found a new strain of Linux specific malware, dubbed HiddenWasp. Composed of a rootkit, trojan, and deployment script, HiddenWasp most likely originated in China and aims to seize control of Linux systems and leave backdoors for hackers to utilize later. HiddenWasp is similar to another family of malware called Winnti that also originated in China and has a strain intended to attack Linux systems.

The best way to battle malware that targets Linux is with an antivirus solution made for Linux. Native solutions avoid the sluggishness and instability of PC-based scanning, since it doesn’t require a mapped drive or increase your network’s load. Powertech Antivirus offers the power and protection of enterprise strength scan engines while supporting the specific features of your operating system.

Though cybersecurity can be tumultuous and hard to predict, we remain confident in our ability to navigate these churning waters alongside Linux, providing a secure steady buoy that users and organizations can continue to rely on.