User Self-Service

User Self-Service
Help Users to Help Themselves

User Self-Service

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Reduce Help Desk call volume 30-60% with use of self-service tools 

Now more than ever, users demand immediacy. Waiting for the Help Desk not only ties-up valuable staff with menial tasks, it frustrates the users who have to sit idle until someone can address their issue. 

  • Allows users to reset passwords without involving the Help Desk 
  • Enables users to unlock their own accounts 
  • Permits self-enrollment of devices and tokens 
  • Enables users to add their own information like telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, knowledge-based questions, answers, and more

Enabling self-service reduces user friction and time, increases productivity AND can significantly reduce help desk calls, a win-win for all.


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Critical Self-Service Functionality

Enables users to address common issues all by themselves – password resets, account unlocking, self-enrollment (device and tokens), profile updates and more.

Integrated Component of a Comprehensive Identity Solution

Unlike most other multi-factor authentication or single sign-on providers, SecureAuth offers user self-service as a fully integrated offering alongside MFA, SSO, and Adaptive Authentication.

Understanding the Cost Impact

Example: 5000 user organization with each user calling the Help Desk once a month for any or all of the reasons above = 60,000 calls. If 50% of those calls could be address with self-service = 30,000 calls affected. At a conservative estimate of $15/call = $450,000 savings.


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Self-Service Savings Calculator

This simple calculator is meant to provide a high-level overview of potential savings your organization can gain from implementing a self-service password reset solution.

Solution Brief

With SecureAuth, you can enable your users to securely reset their own passwords and unlock their own accounts at any time without assistance from the help desk.

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