Prioritizing Blue Team Success Over Red Team Wins

Though red teaming is sometimes perceived as pen testing with the gloves off, in reality, the goal of these engagements isn’t to prove how much damage these skilled testers can do. Modern red teams must set out to provide learning opportunities for organizations and their blue teams, running attack simulations to help teach them how to better protect their infrastructure against real-world attacks.  

To run effective engagements, red teams must not focus solely on capturing the proverbial flag, forgetting their roles as trainers. They should instead provide opportunities for blue teams to put their skills to work so that they are fully prepared for when a real-world attack hits.  

In this webcast, learn more about how red teams can successfully run such engagements, including: 

  • Setting expectations with clients  
  • Creating scenarios that strengthen Blue Team proficiency  
  • Staying up to date with adversarial techniques 
  • Having an evasive toolset to keep up with EDR and other detection solutions 
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Find out why red teaming is now seen as a crucial way to gain real-world experience against dangerous exploits in A Simple Guide to Successful Red Teaming.