Introducing the Visual Identity Suite

Requiring managers to review endless rows of entitlements without context and create roles or certify access rights is a daunting task. It often leads to rubber stamp approvals and inaccuracies.

The Visual Identity Suite helps solve those issues with its visual-first approach. In this webinar, you will see the benefits of the Visual Identity Suite such as:  

  • Clarity: Get an instant view into all entitlements (including nested and hidden entitlements) present in your organization  
  • Auto-Grouping: Automatically re-cluster after removing approved roles or access making it easier to see and deal with outliers 
  • Continuous Monitoring: Always have the most up to date certification and entitlement data to increase accuracy and prepare for an audit  
  • Faster Deployment: With the ability to sit on top of any access & provisioning system, our average deployment time is hours, not weeks or months
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